Explore the dog toy CLEVER ACTIVITY


This modern play platform for dogs is ideal to activate the dog.

Dog toy clever activity
Dog toy clever activity hiding

Hide treats

It is possible to hide treats under two covers.

Uplift the covers

The dog has to snife to find them and uplift the cover with its teeth, due to the designed divisions in the cap it is easy to do so.

Dog toy clever activity uplift
Dog toy clever activity lids

Hiding lids

Besides this play element there are also four lids. The dog can open these with its snout to achieve the food.

Sniff and find

Like before, the treats can be placed under one or more lids to activate the dog to sniff and find it.

Dog toy clever activity sniff n find
Dog toy clever activity senses


Thanks to the six covers, in shape of lids or caps, it is possible to place the reward each time under a different one to occupy the dog and to sharpen its senses.

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