Explore the dog toy TRICKY ACTIVITY

Challenge all senses

This modern play platform for dogs is ideal to activate the pet and to keep the dog occupied. It offers simple play elements and difficult ones to challenge all senses and the intelligence of the dog.

Dog toy TRICKY ACTIVITY challenge

Beginner level

As a beginner level there are three lids under which treats can be hidden. The dog can open these covers with its snout to achieve the food.

Advanced level

As another play unit there are sliding elements which can be moved to get the placed treats. The arrangement of the sliding elements decides whether the dog has to move one or two elements to get the hidden reward.

Dog toy TRICKY ACTIVITY advanced level 2
Dog toy TRICKY ACTIVITY advanced level 3

Advanced level +

Moreover there is a flat rotating element. It has to be turned in the correct position. Only then it can be moved to the side and the underneath food is reachable.

Expert level

A particular challenge is the element in the middle of the play platform. The spherical rotating element can be locked and the dog has to unlock it before it moves the opening to the position where the treats have been placed.

Dog toy TRICKY ACTIVITY expert level 4
Dog toy TRICKY ACTIVITY training


Thanks to many play possibilities from easy to difficult, the dog is not only occupied but moreover its brain and senses get trained.

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